Summer Company

Registration will open in early 2018!

Are you between the ages of 15- 29? If you’ve got a winning idea for starting a new business and are a student who is not afraid of hard work, you should consider applying to our Summer Company program. Summer Company is a great opportunity for enterprising young people who want to start and run their own summer businesses. The program provides hands-on business coaching and mentoring from local community business leaders who will work with you to make your Summer Company a reality. The application deadline for Summer Company is April 27, 2018 and all applicants must have a business plan completed and a feasible business in order to apply. Contact Allyson today for business plan assistance and program guidance.

How it works:

Through a program called Summer Company, you can get two things:

• start-up money to kick-off a new summer business
• advice and mentorship from local business leaders to help get the business up and running

You could be eligible, if you:

• go to high school, college or university in Ontario
• live in Ontario
• are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• are between 15-29 years old (if under 18: a parent needs to sign the application)
• are not already running a business
• are not working more than 12 hours week at another job during the program
• are returning to school after the program ends
• you cannot apply again, if you have received a Summer Company grant in the past

Maximum grant:
• $3,000
• up to $1,500 up front to help with start-up costs
• up to $1,500 when you successfully complete the program requirements

For more information and to apply click here